Inno-Syringe™: tot 40% meer vaccinaties uit dezelfde flacon

Using this new syringe with its very low dead volume, seven (instead of five) vaccine doses can be obtained from one Pfizer vial. Ideal for the current COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Inno-Syringe™: up to 40% more vaccinations from the same vial
Inno-Syringe™ is the name of the innovative 'Low Dead Space Syringe', developed by the Pharma subsidiary of the Rockmed Group. The syringe with its very low dead volume offers the main advantage of leaving only 3.5 microliters (µl) in the syringe. In practice, this means that not just five, but as many as seven doses can be obtained from a single vial. This makes the patented and CE-approved Innu-Syringe ideal for the current COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Available in two versions
The Inno-Syringe is available in two versions; LDSS LL Luer Lock (six doses) and the LDSS Fixed Needle (seven doses). The former has a removable cannula, while the LDSS Fixed Needle features an integrated cannula with syringe.

Compared to traditional syringes, the Inno-Syringe™ allows for much more accurate working with less handling, reducing the risk of contamination. With the same vial, up to 40% more people can be vaccinated. The LDSS Fixed Needle has the lowest residue and is therefore the most effective.

Advantages of the Inno-Syringe™:

  • Up to 40% more vaccinations
  • Much more accurate injections - the right amount of vaccine is injected
  • Less handling so lower risk of contamination
  • Patented design, CE-approved
  • Available from stock

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