FCI 90° Adjustable laser probes

Just by pressing the handle, the angle of curvature can be changed from 0 to 90 degrees. When the handle is released, the probe returns to its straight position for a safe removal. At all times, a low pressure is needed to actuate the handle and ensure an optimal control of the tip.

The 90° Adjustable laser probe also offers an ultra-precise concentric laser spot and its tip is 50% stiffer than competition. Additionally this exclusive design is compatible with most laser machines and available in 23 and 25 Ga.

Main characteristics:

  • Exclusive design
  • Angle of curvature: pressure-controlled (from 0° to 90°)
  • Safe probe removal: goes back in straight position when releasing the handle
  • 50% stiffer than competition
  • Low pressure needed to actuate the handle
  • Ultra-precise concentric laser spot
  • Compatible with most laser machines
  • Sterile, Single use