A new perspective on innovative eye products

Rockmed Pharma offers eye specialists, hospital pharmacies and other ophthalmic support staff a new perspective on innovative eye products. Divided over different product categories, our product range includes unpreserved ophthalmic medicines, eye products and medical devices. Each of these products has an excellent price/quality ratio.

Unpreserved ophthalmic medicines

The majority of our product range consists of unpreserved eye drops. This has been a deliberate choice, as preserved eye drops are toxic to the cornea and may cause eye problems in the long run. All our products have been developed by renowned international pharmaceutical producers. We are marketing authorisation holder of all our generic+ medicines.

Rockmed Pharma is keen to be innovative in the pharmaceutical world. Supplying quality has priority in everything we do and we have deliberately opted for unpreserved medicines (generic+). We focus on doing business in a pleasant manner, where possible combining it with social cost savings. If necessary, we're not afraid of challenging big pharma.
Bas Rockx CEO
Bas Rockx