New technology, familiar products

Rockmed Opto is synonymous with innovation in eye care, particularly for optometrists and opticians throughout the Benelux. With new technology, familiar products and pragmatic solutions, we continuously respond to current needs in the sector. Since 2014 we have been fully committed to contributing to the synergy between optometrists, opticians and eye specialists.

Overall supplier for the optics industry

Rockmed Opto is an overall supplier for optometrists and opticians, offering a wide range of innovative diagnostic equipment and tried-and-tested products. Our working area covers trade fairs, conferences and symposiums in the Netherlands and abroad. The innovations we encounter there help us make your work easier, better or faster. We supply familiar products, such as for the treatment of dry eyes, quickly and affordably, via our web shop.

Knowledge, experience and cooperation

With our specialist knowledge and experience and through intensive mutual cooperation, we make eye care better and more efficient. Our team includes an optometrist to provide clinical support. All our business activities are aimed at bringing optometry, optics and ophthalmology closer together. That will benefit everyone in the sector, including customers and patients.

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As an optometrist, I know how important it is to be able to perform an accurate, efficient and client-friendly eye examination and come up with the right diagnosis. Rockmed Opto is constantly looking for innovative solutions to make your work easier and raise the bar in eye care. Whether it concerns Fundus screening, Refraction, Tear film analysis or Dry eye treatment: I will be pleased to help. With the right equipment and matching software. We care about your eye care!
Jessica de Groot Optometrist
Jessica de Groot