Partner in ophthalmology

The heart of our organisation, Rockmed Ophtha has been working with ophthalmic specialists for over 30 years. Key elements are knowledge, innovative equipment and medical devices that help ophthalmologists perform even better. The product range comprises 24 product groups, varying from diagnostic equipment, ophthalmic lasers and disposables to instruments for specialist cataract, refraction, medical retina, lacrimal, orbchirurgie-en-diagnostiek/catalog/ita and glaucoma treatment.

Motivated team

Headquartered in Oirschot, the Netherlands, Rockmed has been active in the Netherlands and the rest of the Benelux for more than 35 years with a highly motivated team of well-trained employees. Because our people literally and metaphorically speak the same language, we have close ties to our customers. This enables us to offer optimally innovative and high-quality products for ophthalmic specialists.

The best vision for the patient

Like the ophthalmic specialists with whom we work, we are committed to offering patients the best possible vision. We visit international fairs, conferences and symposiums to find the latest in innovative equipment and medical devices.

In addition, we are mainly active in the supply of intraocular lenses (IOLs) to private clinics and eye hospitals. Our ambition is to become market leader in the Benelux with the leading IOLs from manufacturer Hoya.

Clinics and operating rooms

Rockmed Ophtha also advises on the construction of eye clinics and the design of operating rooms. Our broad knowledge, long-standing experience and carefully constructed network are the tools with which we offer valuable overall solutions in this specific discipline.

Driven professionals

Adding value to ophthalmic specialists requires more than just the best products. That is why Rockmed Ophtha has well-trained, experienced and often medically trained staff who can offer close cooperation, answer your questions and provide valuable advice.

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Every day, we work on increasing the service level of the ophthalmology department. We do this with some 30 driven people, half of whom are medical sales representatives. Quality products offer them the permission to play. It is our team that makes the difference. I am proud that we work with really good people. I talk to them daily, we are all in close contact, and everyone can make a difference!
Michiel Cranssen Sales Director
Michiel Cranssen1