FCI Bioceramic

FCI Bioceramic orbital implants have become the new standard in orbital implant material.

FCI Bioceramic S6 5112

These implants have an improved vascularization structure over other existing alternatives, allowing for quick fibrovascularization.

This bioceramic material is a biocompatible, bioinert, nontoxic, and non-allergenic substance. These implants are well-known by surgeons as a stable and easily handled implant for use in enucleation and evisceration procedures.

Main characteristics:

  • Indicated for enucleation, evisceration and secondary implantation
  • Made of 99% pure alumina (Al2 O3)
  • Material used in orthopaedic and dental fields with success for more than 30 years
  • Porosity range: 200-550 μm
  • Uniform interconnected pores, 85% of the total volume between 200 and 300 μm
  • Strong and non-brittle material
  • Rapid & complete fibrovascularisation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to insert: less sticky & no velcro effect
  • Low tissue reaction & low exposure rate
  • Regular surface: less irritation & less inflammation
  • Also available in "egg shaped"
  • Sterile, Single use