Rockmed verlegt letterlijk én figuurlijk grenzen!

Rockmed helps Eye for Zambia In Zambia, a complete standard eye clinic was set up by Rockmed employees and locally-stationed Dutch doctor Samuel Verkerk of the Eye for Zambia Foundation some time ago.

Eye for Zambia is supporting this eye clinic in Zambia to make sure all residents have access to good eye care. The eye clinic is located in the village of Macha, in the Choma district which is in the southernmost province of Zambia.

Improve both health and the economy
Many of Zambia’s population of 13 million suffer poor eyesight or blindness. However, 80% of those in this group are suffering unnecessarily, as a lot of conditions, such as cataracts and refractive errors, are relatively simple to treat. Treatment considerably improves the quality of life for these Zambians.

The Zambian economy also benefits. Research has shown that every dollar spent here to improve people's vision provides a fourfold return in economic benefits, so it is a win-win situation.

Professional installation
Rockmed recently shipped various freight containers containing high-quality ophthalmic equipment to the clinic, to help equip it. Dennis Schapendonk, a Rockmed application specialist, travelled from Oirschot (NL) to Zambia to help out with the installation and training local people.

Dennis’ report of his visit
“First, I was introduced to the hospitable doctor Verkerk and his family, who kindly allowed me to stay with them. I was given a warm welcome by all employees of the eye clinic and the villagers. The first thing I noticed was the tremendous amount of positive energy in and around the clinic. To get the eye clinic up and going as quickly as possible, several employees were involved in installing the new equipment. We went through the installation manuals together, and checked every device step by step. By the time we left, everything was working, and I hope that we helped the clinic make a lot of progress.

Rockmed will continue to provide support, and we may well return to the clinic in the future. What a fantastic initiative! For me personally, it was a wonderful experience to have been able to participate. It's great to be able to make people so happy, and I enjoyed the enormous dedication and involvement of everyone in the eye clinic,” said Dennis.