FCI Nunchaku®

FCI Nunchaku® is a pushed silicone self-retaining bicanalicular nasolacrimal intubation stent that acts like a conformer, allowing tears to be drained by capillarity.

FCI Nunchaku S1 1371

The metallic guides are located inside the lumen, not as an extension of the stent as in conventional intubation sets. Therefore, no nasal retrieval is needed.

The stability is guaranteed by the design of the silicone tubes: no need to make knots and sutures in the nasal fossa.

Main characteristics:

  • Indicated for canalicular pathologies, congenital lacrimal duct obstruction & dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  • No nasal retrieval
  • No knot or suture needed
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • Sterile, Single use