FCI Ritleng®+

Ritleng®+ is FCI's latest autostable bicanalicular nasolacrimal intubation indicated for epiphora, canalicular pathologies, congenital lacrimal duct obstruction and dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).

Ritleng plus nieuw

It consists of a silicone tube connected at each extremity to a PEEK thread guide. It is designed to reduce operating time and trauma for the patients, either in the intubation phase as well as for the removal of the device.

The intubation is self-retaining thanks to two wider silicone portions on the silicone tube.

The surgical procedure is similar to the conventional Ritleng® lacrimal intubation and involves the use of Ritleng® instruments.

Ritleng®+ combines the best features of gold standard Ritleng® lacrimal intubation set and the autostable features of FCI Nunchaku.

Main characteristics:

  • FCI exclusive design
  • Regular 0.64mm silicone tube for a comfortable fit in the intrapalpebral loop
  • Wider 0.94mm silicone segments to be positioned in the lacrimal sac ensuring the relf-retaining feature of the intubation: no need to make knots in the nasal fossa
  • Black mark to control the central placement and correct positioning of the silicone tube between the two punctums
  • Easy removal via the nose
  • Require Ritleng® instruments (S1.1460, S1.1470, S1.1480)