FCI Monoka® of Fayet (Crawford Guide)

FCI Monoka® intubation systems have been designed to effectively treat nasolacrimal duct obstructions and canalicular stenosis. The stents are securely anchored at the punctum by a plug-like fixation head.

S1 1903

Main characteristics:

  • Designed by B. Fayet, M.D. & J.-A. Bernard, M.D.
  • Stainless steel probe with non-traumatic rounded olive tip
  • 2 models available: medium or wide collarette
  • Requires 0.3 mm punctum plug dilator & plug inserter (S1.3090)
  • To use with the Crawford hook (S1.1275) for endonasal retrieval of the probe
  • Sterile, Single use