FCI Preloaded Perforated Plugs

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is an exclusive surface treatment applied to FCI lacrimal products to improve the hydrophilic properties of silicone.

The benefit of such a treatment is to enhance the efficiency of tear drainage and to limit the accumulation of debris at the surface of our silicone intubations and perforated plugs.

FCI PVP perforated plugs are used to treat excessive tearing due to partial occlusion of punctum and punctal stenosis. They act as a conformer by keeping the punctal opening dilated for several weeks, allowing tears to be drained through.

PVP Perforated plug
Preloaded Mini PVP perforated plug
Preloaded PVP perforated plug

Main characteristics:

  • Designed by J.-A. Bernard, M.D.
  • Slanted collarette for a perfect anatomical fit against the eyelid margin
  • Exclusive polishing for a perfectly smooth surface
  • Preloaded on a disposable plug inserter to facilitate the insertion
  • Option with PVP coating for superior tear drainage
  • 2 models available
  • Sterile, Single use